PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS                                               3.  TALKING WITH THE ABC’s SPEECH KIT

The Talking With The ABC’s kit is a speech resource developed for parents and Speech Pathologists,  to support the development of speech and language skills in young children who are already attempting to communicate verbally.  Six songs are presented in which alphabet sounds, syllables, functional words, and phrases are sung in a slow, repetitive, rhythmic pattern to promote attention and learning.   Words are introduced including names of objects, people, actions, colors, and locations.  Communicative Functions for social phrase practice include:  requesting actions/objects/help, commenting, and greeting.  Visuals include flash cards showing the “mouth” modeling movements needed for speech production, and photos of children performing everyday actions with everyday objects.  *Not recommended for children under 3*

 Table of Content:   1.  Talking With The ABC’s    2.  Mouth Movin’ with the ABC’s     3.  ABC Words
4.  ABC Questions     5.  ABC Sounds     6.  ABC Numbers

The Silly Signing Songs were created as a fun and interactive way to encourage early signs and speech development in young children who may not even be talking yet.     Each of the 15 songs are sung in a slow, repetitive way, with the target sign repeated many times, to give the child lots of practice and opportunities to learn the gesture.  Parents/Speech Pathologists/teachers are encouraged to model the sign each time, and to help the child make the sign with hands on teaching if needed.    Each song has special games,  speech, and/or movements to encourage speech and social interactions between the child and adult, such as walking like an elephant/mouse, a tickling game, peek-a-boo, and drinking/eating time.   Many of the songs involve fun speech practice with words paired with actions (go, boom) , animal noises, sound effects (blowing rasberries, yawning, kissing) , and practice of early consonant/vowel words (owie, eek) .   It even includes a silly bathroom song, taking the child through a 5 step process, with funny comedy sounds to listen to while practicing the “potty process”.  The flash card set includes 15 cards showing how to perform the sign as well as the lyrics/actions to each song.  

CD Table of Contents:  1.  Circle Time     2.  Hello   3.  Bubbles    4.  Come on    5.  More  6.  I Love You   7.  I Want to Wiggle   
8.  Eat     9.  My Turn     10.  My Drink    11.  The Bathroom    12.  Take a Bath    13.  My Blanket    14.  Night Night   
15.  Time to Go
                                                        2.  HELPING HAND SIGNALS WITH THE ABC’S Speech Sound Kit
The Helping Hand Signals with the ABC’s kit is a speech resource for parents and Speech Pathologists, to support awareness and production of speech sounds. A systematic language based approach is used, targeting the sounds in  “silly” words that can be paired with matching fun toys (provided by you with helpful hints from us).  Kids can LOOK at the vowel or consonant chart as they WATCH the adult perform special hand motions on or near the mouth for sounds in words. The CD presents songs that match these silly words with each sound (i.e. “boing” for “oi”, “zip” for “i”, “pop” for “p”, “chomp” for “ch”).  Kids can LISTEN to how sounds are made in words, SING along with ABC sounds and words, MOVE and FEEL by doing the matching hand motions, and EXPERIENCE matching fun toy/interactive play as they practice target words.  

CD Table of Contents:  1.  Long A E I O OO    2.  Short A E I O U   3.  ER  OI  OU  Short OO   4.  P B M W
5.  T D N L S Z R     6.  K G Ng  H        7.  F V Voiceless Th  Voiced Th   8.  Sh  Ch  Dg  Y