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“I have a 5 year old daughter with a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism.  She has been greatly impaired in the areas of speech and communication.  Typically, she would echo the last word that was said in a sentence, imitate unmeaningful loud or harsh background sounds, and her speech was full of jargon that was not understandable, resulting in grief on all sides.  

The “Talking With The ABC’S” video has been an essential key in opening a communication channel with our daughter!  The video has encouraged meaningful speech patterns to form, and we have seen evidence of a growing and interactive vocabulary in only a matter of weeks.  Our daughter now recognizes her words have meaning, which is a tremendous joy!

We usually watch the video 5 times a week and it only takes about 15 minutes.  She absolutely adores to watch the video, and will even request to watch it!  It does not require a lot of effort on her part as she finds the viewing fun and exciting.  The video promotes full sentence usage, deliberate enunciation, all within the context of common social dialogue, so it has been very easy to adapt to.   The impact has been immeasurable!

Each member of our family has even benefited through the use of the video, as it has given us a common ground in which we can connect and interact with our daughter.  She continues to surprise us with what she has learned, and she now joins in with our family discussions with a tidbit here and there.

This video has played a huge role in releasing that which has been locked up inside her!  I would recommend this video to any child that is struggling with speech and communication.  Talking With The ABC’S has helped open up the world of language to our daughter, and has opened up our daughter to us.   Thank you, Edith!”

Christine (11/06/07)

 “James  has watched the ABC video over and over and over (here he is  hugging   his ABC video).  My favorite thing is that the video has  helped  with his articulation.”  (Nikie, a mother  of a 7 year old boy with Down Syndrome)   

“She had so much much fun, she didn’t even know she was learning.” (father of a 5 year old daughter with a language disorder)  

Re The Talking With The ABC’s Kit:  One very apraxic and extremely distractible 26 month old who was mesmerized.  The verbal prompts ( open your mouth...) really helped him attempt sounds.  I've said this to him a lot, but the sing-songy presentation seem to catch his attention.   He made lots of attempts when in the past he listened but didn't say much.  Yippie!

...Sometimes kids need to think without being bombarded with adult-speak.  Watch and listen / watch and listen...  process... imitate. The DVD provides a consistent model.   Live adults will have some variation each time and for some kids that might be confusing.  For autistic or sensory kids they might be able to focus on the mouths without distractions from facial expression, body language, etc.    If they had the flashcards they could watch/listen/stop/check the card...  one word at a time.  Each kid can take it at their own speed. 
(statement by Janet Juntunen, Speech Pathologist)